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H2 Academic Solutions


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About Us.

At H2 Academic Solutions, we offer a variety of services for people of all ages. From tutoring for students to alternative services for at-risk youth and adult programming, we provide solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We offer things such as our mobile homelessness outreach and Resource Center in order to help connect community members with the resources they need to thrive. If you need assistance we can help! 

Meet the Owners

H2 Academic Solutions Scholarship Fund

At the H2 Academic Solutions Scholarship Fund, we are committed to serving the vulnerable populations of New Mexico by providing them with access to resources that enable them to achieve their personal and educational goals. We believe in creating an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, regardless of their financial status or background. Through community engagement and partnerships, we secure funds and resources that allow us to fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for personal and educational development.

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