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The H2 Academic Solutions Scholarship Fund, are committed to serving the vulnerable populations of New Mexico by providing them with access to resources that enable them to achieve their personal and educational goals. We believe in creating an inclusive space where everyone is welcome, regardless of their financial status or background. Through community engagement and partnerships, we secure funds and resources that allow us to fulfill our mission of providing opportunities for personal and educational development.



Rocket Teen Center

Rocket Teen Center is a community-based teen center that is open to all youth 10 - 17 years old. We take great care in ensuring that all of our adult staff and volunteers are background checked, and that our center is safe and welcoming to everyone. From informal hangout spaces to organized events, our center is tailored to provide students with a safe and healthy way to spend their time. Whether you’re looking to explore your creativity, get involved with the community, or just need a place to call your own, Rocket Teen Center has it all.

Valencia County
Resource Center

At Valencia County Resource Center, our mission is to provide a communal space where everyone has access to basic needs. From free clothing to hygiene essentials, we provide a safe haven and resources for everyone in our community. Our team of knowledgeable RAC staff members are always on hand to help navigate the best services and resources available to support our clients. We believe that by coming together, our community can uplift all members, and we are proud to offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for those who want to get involved.

Tutoring Scholarships

We are dedicated to providing tutoring scholarships to low-income families. We believe that every child should have access to quality education, regardless of their financial circumstances. Our primary goal is to help catch up students achieve success in their education by providing them with the resources and support they need.

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