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Youth RAC 

Youth RAC is a detention diversion program that provides an alternative to incarceration for law enforcement, first responders, and school officials who detain youth who have committed low-level or non-detainable offenses.  By interrupting their involvement in the juvenile justice system, this approach sets a positive trajectory for youth and their families.  The goal is to intervene swiftly and connect with youth and their family to community resources to prevent further involvement with the juvenile justice system.









RAC Specialists meets with the youth either in school or in community one to three times a week depending on the severity of the case. They use the Juvenile Inventory for Functioning assessment to identify any at risk behaviors. After these are identified both the RAC Specialists and the Youth client create goals tailored to what the youth wants to work on. RAC can help plug the youth into any services that they are needing in order to thrive. 

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